A little-known behavior of SQLCLR (although we did mention it in our book) is that SQLCLR creates one appdomain per assembly owner, not one appdomain per database. One appdomain per database was the observed behavior in beta 1, although its important to remember that the algorithm for appdomain creation/destruction in SQLCLR is technically undocumented and subject to change.

This is NOT one appdomain per user, but one appdomain per assembly owner. This means that if user A owns assembly A and user B owns assembly B, A and B load in separate appdomains. Since remoting is not currently supported using SQLCLR, this makes allowing A and access B's classes and methods problematic. One workaround is to ensure that all assemblies that wish to share are owned by the same user, role, or application role.

BTW, one way to "see" the appdomain usage is to have a look at the SQL Server log. This contains messages for each appdomain creation and unloading.