I’ve always been interested in SQLCLR, and wondered about the potential for producing libraries of useful functions for a variety of specialist purposes. With the inclusion of the spatial and hierarchyid data types in SQL Server 2008 as well as a few SQLCLR-based functions in SQL Server Denali, you can’t help but wonder if the SQL Server team sees this potential too, when its a good fit.

On one of the mail lists I subscribe to, there was a mention of a company (see update below), TotallySQL, that has what looks like an amazing number of SQLCLR libraries for various purposes including functions from Excel, various mathematics and statistics libraries, as well as other useful utilities including a utility for managing SQL Server assemblies. If there’s a set of specific functions you’ve been looking for that aren’t available in standard T-SQL, pay them a visit.

Update note: The code and libraries are now available on CodePlex. Here’s a link to the project location: http://totallysql.codeplex.com/