SQLConnections: I really AM doing a day of spatial data

I was browsing through MSDN magazine (the paper version) today and noticed an ad for the upcoming SQLConnections conference in Orlando. I'm doing three sessions there as well as a day-long pre-conference talk "All about SQL Server 2008 Spatial Data and writing Location-aware Applications". I'm REALLY looking forward to this one and have some interesting and novel demos and information. Almost everyone is really using spatial apps, but store the info in its "alternate" form; that is address-city-state-postal code-country form.

However, the ad mentioned my pre-conference workshop was "A Day of SQL Server Security". This turned out to be a misprint (it is correct on the conference website), I am doing a 1.5 hour talk on "SQL Server 2008 Security for Developers and Architects", but the full-day pre-con is on Spatial and Spatial apps. Really…

Just didn't want anyone showing up expecting a different topic. Although I could do a day (or more) on SQL Server security, it will be the condensed version that "plays at" SQLConnections. You've been warned…

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