SqlContext syntactic changes

Syntactic changes are coming to the SQL Server in-proc provider. Compiling a stored procedure with the latest Dec CTP bits yielded the following message every time I used a method that started with "Get" from SqlContext:

warning CS0618: 'System.Data.SqlServer.SqlContext.GetPipe()' is obsolete: 'Will be removed soon'

Looking further with Reflector, it appears that SqlContext will now expose read-only static properties for Connection, Command, Pipe, etc, rather than using static methods named GetXYZ. So:

GetCommand -> replaced by CreateCommand
GetConnection -> Connection property
GetPipe -> Pipe property
GetTransaction -> Transaction Property
GetTriggerContext -> TriggerContext Property
GetWindowsIdentity -> WindowsIdentity Property

The old methods are still there (for now), but there may need to be a "mass rewrite" of beta code, samples, etc, soon. Just to let you know…

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