SQLskills Developer-focused Immersion Event in October

After talking with folks about the SQLskills DBA Immersion training, one thing that always comes up is the fact that database developers feel left out. Well, you're left out no more! SQLskills is going to be doing a week-long SQL Server Developer Immersion Event (given by yours truly, of course) starting this fall. Although I've given similar training in various incantations for private groups over the years and it's been well-received, this is the first time it's available to the general public.

The first event is scheduled for Oct 24-28 in Chicago and corresponds with a DBA immersion training event to be given the same week. So developers, you can bring your DBAs along too (or vice-versa). The entire outline for this 5-day event as well as a general FAQ can be found on the SQLskills website. And there's an early-bird special price at the moment. Here's hoping to see you there.


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