SQLskills Developer Immersion Events this year

Just back from a small hiatus and getting my schedule together for the first half of the year. One thing I'm really looking forward to is the two public SQLskills Immersion Events for developers. These are week-long events taught specifically for developers, but that doesn't mean I'm doing shallow coverage by any means. One of the folks last year in Chicago made illusions to drinking from a firehose; another delegate said he was afraid to leave his seat for 5 minutes because he'd miss too much. All of the feature are presented with performance in mind, naturally. And, like last year, I've grafted in all new SQL Server 2012 developer features, so we'll look into some comparative use cases. The overall outline is available on the SQLskills website.

This year there will be one in Chicago Apr 23-27 and also, as Paul announced just before year-end, a developer event in London the week on May 14-18. Hope to see you there!


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