SqlTypes.SqlXml and XmlReader.Create

As Mark Fussell will tell you, one of the coolest things in System.Xml 2.0 is the static creator methods on XmlReader and XmlWriter. It made his top 10 list, albeit at number 10.

I've been looking into how the client side handles SQL Server 2005's XML data type and was bemoaning the fact that System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlXml had a CreateReader method that probably didn't set what I wanted set – ConformanceLevel.Fragment. Sounded like just the ticket for SQL Server 2005. Checked with Reflector, and lo and behold, they *do* use XmlReader.Create with ConformanceLevel.Fragment. Very cool, and the information was helpful to Kent Tegels on the beta newsgroup as well, just this morning. My research timing karma seems pretty good lately.

Now, I want an overload that looks like SqlXml.CreateReader(XmlReaderSettings). And something that handles sequences of atomic types. Maybe in .NET 2.0 beta2. Hey Mark… maybe I'll hit him up for it at WinDev.

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