Last week I wrote about presenting at SQLConnections, but forgot that the week immediately afterwards is TechEd Europe in Berlin. So…another chance for shameless self-promotion (and event promotion).

I'll be doing two talks at TechEd, both about fairly controversial subjects. The first, "LINQ vs Stored Procedures" draws controversy wherever I go… but I will at least be presenting both sides (yes, something that is, finally, *really* fair and balanced). And I'll be following that up with a talk on DACs. Not the dedicated admin connection, but a development, deployment (and monitoring, if you're using the SQL Server 2008 R2 Utility) package known as Data-Tier Applications. It's part of something the AMM (Application and Multi-Server Management) feature. Come prepared with questions and comments, but you *will* have to wait until I'm finished speaking before asking 'em. 😉

See you there, stop by and say hi.