Technet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 6

I just finished my second talk in the “designing and managing scalable systems with SQL Server 2005” webcast series. I got to talk about one of my favorite features in SQL Server 2005, the Service Broker. Some DBA may still think that Service Broker is a developer-only feature, but after you've seen what you can do with Event Notifications (specifically the blocked process event) today, I know you're convinced it also is a substrate for some of the more powerful tools in the DBA toolbox. As well as a great way to help acheive a reliable, scalable system that supports scale out.

I'm posting the broker configuration scripts here, but if these aren't sufficient to walk you through all the points I made in the webcast, feel free to write. I've also given seminars on advanced Service Broker concepts and implementation from a developer and DBA perspective; write if you're interested in learning more.

I referred in the webcast to Roger Wolter (one of the “fathers of Service Broker” 's) weblog, this is listed in the Blogroll at the left. In addition Rushi Desai, Jesús Rodríguez, and Dan Sullivan's blogs have some good info, too. Rushi and Jesús have written some amazing utilities around Service Broker.

Roger's “Where does Service Broker fit in?“ (with respect to MSMQ, Biztalk, and WCF/WWF) blog entry is the Feb 28 entry, but each of these blogs is worth subscribing to…

Here's the scripts from the presentation: (24.36 KB)

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