Today I embark on a new venture, a new part of my career. I’m joining SQLskills as Director of Developer Skills. I’ve worked with SQL Server since version 4.21 off and on, taught classes about SQL Server at least part of the time since version 6.0, and, for the past three/four or so years, spent 95% or more of my time in this space. It’s an exciting space, growing more exciting all the time, and that’s the motivation behind the move. The folks I’ll be working with here are another motivation.

I’ve heard of Kimberly Tripp “from afar” for quite a while. When I’d show up for Ascend gigs after she’d been to town before me, the folks that attended both classes would tell me stories about how “no one knows it better”. All her speaker ratings at conferences we’ve both spoken at confirm this.  It will be great to be working with Kimberly at SQLskills.

We’re planning some very interesting events for the future, so keep us on the radar. In the near future, I’ll be working on these projects in addition to the next version of the “First Look” book (called SQL Server 2005 Developers Guide) and generally keeping busy.

Technical content is the point of this blog, as always. After almost a month of being “blog offline” (though the research never stopped), I’ve got some catching up to do on the blog. Stay tuned. If you found the blog here, pass it on.