Tracking the pesky appdomain

People (especially DBAs) want to see what those pesky appdomains are doing in SQLCLR.

Back in beta1 there was a system function, master.sys.fn_appdomains(), that showed which appdomains were running and which assemblies were loaded in the appdomains, number of bytes used, etc. In beta2 this view stopped working and, although you can watch appdomains being created and destroyed in the SQL Server log, I'd always missed master.sys.fn_appdomains().

You can get this information and more in the Dec CTP build:

— appdomains
select * from sys.dm_clr_appdomains
— loaded assemblies
select * from sys.dm_clr_loaded_assemblies

— You can even get managed code execution statistics for currently executing queries
select command, exec_managed_code from sys.dm_exec_requests

master.sys.fn_appdomains is still around, but it doesn't return anything any more. Look for more CLR statistics in the dynamic management views (and elsewhere) in future betas.

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