Welcome to Barcelona! TechEd and Best Practices

This week I’m at TechEd/Developers Barcelona. I arrived Saturday and I’m always delighted, being a Portland Oregon resident, to see the sun, even in winter. It’s supposed to be sunny and mid-upper 60s for the next 10 days and that’s good because I’ll be staying on for TechEd/ITForum next week too. Oh boy, my sun quota for the rest of the year…

I’m going to be doing a breakout or two and some “interactive sessions” (that’s what chalktalks evolved into) every day from Mon-Thurs. Talking about best practices and lessons learned for developers in SQL Server 2005. I’ve been working with developers since before SQL Server 2005 shipped and now that we’ve had a few years to practice I feel comfortable talking about it. In each session, there will be a “look forward” to SQL Server 2008 new features.

Today is day of Service Broker, one of the least understood features of SQL Server 2005. In the best practices session I’ll be rewriting some of my older code to correspond with best practices and demonstrating how to use broker for performance. Performance, robustness, and co-location with the data are broker’s best features when compared to other ways to implement a service-oriented architecture. 3500 transactional messages/second on commodity hardware is nothing to sneeze at.

After that, I’ll be “hosting” and interactive session on Service Broker lessons learned. We’ll discuss real world use cases, see what design issues folks have been running into and how they’ve been addressed. Bring your questions and comments about your own projects to contribute or just come along to listen in.

Later in the week, I’ll be covering T-SQL queries and plans, SQLCLR, transactions and isolation, XML data and query, and have some discussion sessions on two of my favorite topics: native data access APIs (OLE DB and ODBC) and SQL Server/Powershell integration. There will even be some surprises: you’ll have to show up to find out.

See you there!

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