What’s fixed in SP1?

You've likely heard by this time that Service Pack 1 for SQL Server 2005 was released earlier today/yesterday depending on what timezone you're in. Rather than go into how to get it, there's two KB articles that are really useful, KB 913090 – A List of bugs that have been been fixed and KB 916940 – A list of the new features and improvements. I noticed a couple tiny ones in SSMS that weren't listed in either document, so I'd bet there are likely more unlisted improvements and fixes.

Displaying the word "NULL" for a NULL instance of a user-defined type in "Results to Grid" mode works now, without having to install the UDT in the GAC or SSMS directory. This is even improved over the fix in SP1 CTP, where it worked in the UDT was installed. Prior to the SP, you could display it in "Results to Text" mode, but Grid mode threw an exception. Fixed now.

If you choose the "By default open new queries in SQLCMD mode" in Tools/Options Query Execution, the setting "sticks" now when you close SSMS and reopen. I know at least one person that will be happy with that.

That's all for now.

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