A nice MSDN article on SQL 2008 Data Warehousing

http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/cc434693.aspx It covers some of the new features in SQL 2008 w.r.t. Data Warehousing. Conor Cunningham

The Trouble with Triggers

(Apologies to Star Trek). I received a question about trigger performance, especially the do’s and dont’s about how they are used. Let’s first start by saying that triggers can be very useful tools to facilitate server-side programming in OLTP systems.  They are powerful ways to do things like audit changes to a table, validate business […]

Outer joins and ON clauses vs. WHERE clauses

(I am still around – I’ve just been busy with a few personal projects of late – keep asking questions if you have them). I received a question from a reader named Andy that was a follow-up to my questions on OUTER JOINs and WHERE clauses and ON clauses. Upon re-reading my previous entries, I […]