OK, I couldn't help myself. The Dec 2004 CTP-specific readme had quite a number of things that are new. There are many improvements in SSIS, for example. The “real“ readme and the known issues file (sqlki.chm) still have July dates on them. But there are always a few little things I have queued up to try with a new build. Here's some that took 5 minutes after installing to test:

1. "Smiley face" XQuery comments still don't work. {– comment –} still does.
2. INTERSECT and EXCEPT still not there. They are however, still in BOL.
3. FOR XML still does not work with UDTs. However, convert UDT to XML type DOES.

create table ctab (cnum complexnumber)
insert ctab values('1:1i')
insert ctab values('2:2i')

— works! 2 rows returned with nicely formatted XML in them
select convert(xml, cnum) from ctab

— fails, Msg 6865, FOR XML does not support CLR User Defined Types
select * from cnum for xml auto

I wonder why one works and not the other. Should use almost the same codepath for serializing UDT. Oh well. That's all for now. More later.