I like to read the readme files. There's often juicy little tidbits of info in there that won't show up by searching the BOL (that's why there's a readme in the first place). In SQL Server 2005 there 3 “readme” files: requirements, readme, and “addendum to the readme” (available on web via a link in the readme). In the requirements file (ok, so I'm not done yet), this caught my eye:

“Native Web Service (SOAP/HTTP) support is only available for instances of SQL Server 2005 running on Windows 2003”

Reason this interested me is that, AFAIK, the technical requirement for HTTP in SQL Server 2005 is an OS that supports HTTP.sys, that is the kernel-mode HTTP stack. But Windows XPSP2 supports this too. During the beta, it was listed as OK, and the devs even answered newsgroup questions on problems with that configuration.

So I deduce what this means is, although SOAP/HTTP would technically work on XPSP2, its not officially supported, i.e. don't call tech support with your problems when using this configuration.

Or am I reading too much into one sentence in a readme file?