And I’m on DNR-TV tomorrow

Since we were on a roll the SQL Server 2005 discussion, Richard and Carl had me back this week on dnr-TV. It’s a combination of podcasting and demonstrations using Visual Studio, and I obliged with an hour demonstration of using SQLCLR with Visual Studio. I also talk about some of the things to watch out for in your SQLCLR coding…hope you find it useful. Should be available tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “And I’m on DNR-TV tomorrow

  1. I’m watching dnrTV right now. One thing about redeploying an assembly that has a UDT already in use (via existing data in a table):

    You mentioned that the workaround is to back up the table, drop it, deploy the assembly, and then restore the table.

    The better workaround is to just ALTER TABLE and change the UDT column to a string type. Redeploy the assembly, then ALTER the table to change back to your UDT. Unless your new code breaks the Parsing logic from the previous version, the values should come right back.

  2. Hi Jason,

    That’s an interesting workaround, but what if someone was to insert an string value in the interim? Sounds like it has the potential to corrupt data.

    If your new code doesn’t break the serialization, I think ALTER ASSEMBLY FROM ‘mynewfile.dll’ WITH UNCHECKED DATA is the right way to do this.

    But none of these can be accomplished directly with a vanilla, VS autodeploy project without adding extra deployment steps.


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