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I’m writing this just before the start of the Dutch Devdays conference in Amsterdam. The conference promises to a good one, with local speakers as well as guest speakers. I’m going to be presenting four  different in-depth topics, all related to database client applications and/or SQL Server 2005 applications, and how ADO.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 will affect the coding landscape. This will lead right into the talks on language intergrated query (LINQ) an up-and-coming data access technology built into the next release of the C# and VB.NET languages.

I’ll try to write back on how things are going but the next two days are going to find me pretty busy. When I’m not giving presentations and available for questions at the forums, I’ll be hanging out at the Class-A booth; stop by and say hi, if you’re in the neighborhood. Anko Duizer and Astrid Hackenberg are going to be doing some training at Devdays most of Tuesday, as well; knowing their work the sessions will be well worth a listen.

I’ll be following up the Devdays conference with two intense (and fun) days on SQLCLR and SQL Server 2005 XML storage and query at the Class-A facility in Woerden. Now that I’m over my (fairly easy, this time) jetlag, I’m looking forward to some late-night discussions and coding in this one. If you like getting your feet wet with SQL Server 2005 by “drinking from a firehose”, stop by the booth, there may be a few spots left.

4 thoughts on “At Dutch Devdays

  1. Hi Bob, I attended two (or was it three?) of your sessions and I must say that they were excellent. Next time I see your name popup I will attend :).
    Will be wachting the feed for any new exiting updates from now on.

  2. It was GREAT having you on our developer days conference!! Looking forward to your upcoming book.
    THANKS, Arie

  3. Bob,

    Thank you for your sessions @ DevDays. Only your session about error handling was quite alarming. It was almost if you were saying: "Please don’t use try-catch before Microsoft has fixed the problems with this."

    I’m also wondering if the SQL team has made a good decision on releasing this new functionality in the current state. Improving the try-catch mechanism in T-SQL for a next release will almost certainly break backwards compatibility. And this is something Microsoft almost never does.

  4. Hi Steven,

    The session on error handling was meant to point out that, if you rely on getting specific error numbers and acting on them in client-side code, you may have to change your client-side code when you go to TRY/CATCH in T-SQL (and rethrow the error for the client). It was meant to be informational rather than alarming. TRY/CATCH in T-SQL is a great improvement over @@ERROR handling in general, you just need to be aware of the fact that it works differently.

    The interaction between SQLCLR’s 6522 error code and T-SQL TRY/CATCH may be refined in future. Watch this space for information when things develop.


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