At TechEd Hong Kong: precon and day 1

11:00AM: I’m sitting in the lounge room at TechEd Hong Kong, getting ready to do my first talk on SQL Server. It’s an interesting setup that we have this year, the wireless hub is located next to an area of booths. Lots of interaction (I think) between vendors, attendees, and speakers.

The preconference talk on SQL Server 2005 best practices on Saturday seemed to go really well, with T-SQL query tuning taking center stage. There seemed to be a lot more interest in XML functionality in SQL Server than I’ve seen previously. As I’m writing this, I’m getting ready to talk on SQL Server SP2 and SQL Server on Vista. The demos are available on the SQLskills website, on the Current Events page.

Yesterday (at least I think it was yesterday, with the timezone difference) the ADO.NET team released the Orcas Beta2 synchronized version of the entity data model (EDM), along with the associated (and much anticipated) designer. More catching up to do…

If you’re at the conference, drop by the lounge room and say hi. I’ll be there.

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