I’ve been using Visual Studio 2005 for over a year, since before the alpha version came out. Recently, I’ve had occasion to use VS 2003 and confirm what I thought I’d noticed. At first I thought it was an “alpha anomaly” that would be fixed, now I’m not sure.

Has anyone else noticed the autocomplete is quite “agressive” in VS 2005. I’m not the fastest typist, but no sooner does the letter “a” leave my fingertips but the word Application (or something similar) appears. I can’t even use “conn” as an variable for Connections anymore, because the only way I can get autocomplete to leave it alone is to let it complete and backspace over the autocompleted class name. Going back to VS 2003 confirmed to me that it’s new/different with VS 2005.

Does anyone notice this beside me? Does anyone know a way to turn down the “autocomplete promptness” setting? Autocomplete is normally one of my favorite VS features.