As a blog reader as well as blog writer, I’m disturbed by a trend that seems to be more commonplace lately, the “continued here” trend. I’ll bet you’ve seen it too. The blog entry is comprised of two sentences or so (or even worse, just a teaser line) followed by “continued here” (or “more at” or something).

This is irritating because I’m subscribing to lots of blogs, nowadays, really too many to read continuously. So I’ll browse ’em, leave ’em in mail folders (using Newsgator) and attempt to actually read them on planes. Well, “continued here” doesn’t work without a network connection. Bummer. Was this invented for folks with short attention spans or (hopefully) just to get around limited bandwidth issues?

On a more constructive note, does anyone know how to make Newsgator (or any other blog reader) follow the “continued here”s and download them? I’m tempted to simply unsubscribe to these folks’ blogs. Or is there simply some way to turn “continued here” off on a subscription by subscription basis? I must be missing something.