Changing SQL Login password with the utilities

After writing a blog entry on "How DO you change your SQL Login Password" and complaining that "neither" SSMS nor SQLCMD allows you to change this" I was using this feature on the June CTP and, lo and behold, both of these utilities allow changing your password.

SQLCMD -? shows
-z new password
-Z new password and exit

And in SSMS, if you use a SQL login whose password has expired (or is designated "must change on first login") you get a nice, GUI-based “old password/new password/re-enter new password” prompt.

Don't know how I missed this before, sorry for complaining. If you use SQL Logins with login policies, code like this really should be part of your application. Perhaps a way to change password before it expires as well, like SQLCMD does. I'm still surprised that SSMS doesn't have this option on the login screen.

One thought on “Changing SQL Login password with the utilities

  1. Pooh. No need to apologize, there are so many things going on and changing in our SQL Server lives it is easy to miss something and complain about it.

    By the way, great blog and congratulations on the Geek of the Week thing!

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