Configuring Filestream in CTP6 (its different)

I've been working with Filestream storage in SQL Server 2008 since it appeared in CTP5. The way I've always set it up is to use sp_filestream_configure. During the CTP6 setup process, I noticed you could now configure Filestream as part of setup. Because I knew how to use sp_filestream_configure I skipped that part of setup. And everything just worked as expected when I used it. A friend of mine, not wanting to miss anything, configured Filestream as part of setup. When he tried to use it, the following "Catch 22-like error messages occurred":

EXEC sp_filestream_configure @enable_level = 3;

"The FILESTREAM feature is already configured to the specified level. No change has been made."

CREATE DATABASE … with a filegroup for FILESTREAM

Msg 5591, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
FILESTREAM feature is disabled.

Huh? After checking the short list of usual suspects (e.g. NTFS file system, running SSMS as admin under Vista) we were both puzzled. Especially because it "worked for me" as it always had. There's nothing more frustrating to hear during problem resolution then "Well, I'm not sure what you did wrong because it works for me". Grrrr…

There is finally a resolution thanks to the storage engine team (confrmed and expounded on by Joanna's blog entry on March 3), and it turns out that the way filestream is configured changed in CTP6 for some very good reasons. You see, sp_filestream_configure sets up Filestream in the OS (requires OS privs) and SQL Server (requires SQL Server privs). Unless you're running sp_filestream_configure as an OS Admin who's also a SQL Server sysadmin, it may not work completely. But sp_filestream_configure is "IN" for one last CTP (CTP6). Gone before RTM.

So filestream configuration was broken into two parts:
1. Configuring filestream at an OS level is moved into setup. Or use SQL Server Configuration Manager. Or WMI scripting (with SMO/WMI) is you like scripting (I do). In the SQL Server Configuration Manager GUI, you configure it by select SQL Server Services (left pane), right-click on your SQL Server service instance and choose "properties" and use the FILESTREAM tab. Note that the equivalent FILESTREAM tab does NOT appear when using Services Control Panel applet. I hope you switched (as you should have) to SQL Server Configuration Manager back in SQL Server 2005 days.

2. Configuring filestream at a SQL Server instance level requires EXEC sp_configure 'filestream access level', '2'. Note that the access level choices in SQL Server are 0,1,2.

3. BOTH configurations steps/setting (OS and SQL Server instance) must be compatible for filestream to work. If, for example, filestream is enabled at the OS level but disabled in SQL Server, you'll get message 5591. See above.

So how did my friend get the "Catch 22 errors"? In CTP6 (but not in future), setup performed step 1, but not step 2. In future setup will do both steps. In CTP6, sp_filestream_configure (to be removed before RTM) will do both steps. But before sp_filestream_configure does anything, it CHECKS to see if either configuration job is already done. Thus the "filestream feature is already configured" message.

Got it? So get used to configuring filestream in both places using SQL Server Configuration Manager AND sp_configure. That's the way of the future. The fact that both exist in one CTP can be frustrating but is understandable. Reminds me of a similar shift when configuring HTTP endpoints (which also requires both OS and SQL configuration) during the SQL Server 2005 CTPs.

Hope this post saves someone a few "grrrr… moments" when using this new useful feature.

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