Finding data differences between SQL Server 2005 tables

Been on the road lots lately, not much blogging, I'm afraid. I'll be making up for that…

I "found" a new command line utility today in SQL Server 2005. Maybe everyone but me already knew it was there. Reading up on replication, I came across mention of the "tablediff" tool. You feed it and source and destination table and it will spit out a report of data differences (the table definitions must be identical), on a row level or column level. It's meant to allow you to fix problems if you perform an operation that gets databases involved in transactional replication get out of sync. But it can be used outside of replication just as well. It lives in the …Microsoft SQL Server\90\com directory.

Nice diagnostic and synchronization tool. My favorite option is -f which generates TSQL statements to get the tables back in sync.

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