I’m speaking tomorrow night at home

Well, not at my house… but at the Portland (Oregon) SQL Server Users Group meeting. I’ll have to admit that I’ve not attended many meetings of the users group (OK, I’ve not attended a meeting in a long time) but its because I’ve not been at home on a day that corresponded to a meeting day. It’s a nice change to go speak somewhere that’s not at least 2 hours away. 

I’ll be speaking on SQL Server 2005 – enabled features in the various updated data access stacks (ADO.NET, OLE DB, ODBC, JDBC) with a drilldown into query notifications.

See you there.

One thought on “I’m speaking tomorrow night at home

  1. Hi Bob… that was a great speech/presentation with an impressive and in-depth knowledge of the SQL Server 2005 architecture.

    Thank you again… and be glad to hear you again.



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