Just Add 50000

I've been doing my talk on try-catch in T-SQL for a while and whining about not being able to "rethrow" (via RAISERROR) a system error. Even went as far as writing a RegEx decoder so that I can copy the error into a user error message text and parse the text back on the client. Two weeks ago in a class, and again this week at TechEd, someone suggested the simple, relatively low-tech solution; "Just add 50000". RAISERROR to rethrow and subtract 50000 at the client. Unless you have already defined user errors in the range that can't be rethrown + 50000 (up to 13000), this should work fine. Thanks for the suggestion.

One thought on “Just Add 50000

  1. Hi Bob,

    You’re welcome. Sometimes a background in throwing errors to clients in the VB "classic" COM/ActiveX world comes in handy whilst doing T-SQL 2005 style 😉

    Great talks at Tech Ed, I really enjoyed them.

    Best regards,


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