Katmai: Using Table-Valued Parameters with ADO.NET

I've been trying out table-valued parameters along with ADO.NET support in Orcas and came across an interesting dilemma. It centers around INSERTs using TVP against a table with an identity column. ADO.NET can use DataTable, DbDataReader or IList<SqlDataRecord> to represent a TVP parameter. Let's say that I want a TVP and a procedure for insert that looks like this:

CREATE TYPE dbo.JobsTableWithIdentity AS TABLE (
  job_id smallint identity primary key,
  job_desc varchar(50),
  min_lvl tinyint,
  max_lvl tinyint

The "insert proc" would look like this:

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.InsertJobsID (@tvp1 dbo.JobsTableWithIdentity readonly)
INSERT INTO dbo.Jobs (job_desc, min_lvl, max_lvl)
  SELECT job_desc, min_lvl, max_lvl from @tvp1;

Using this in ADO.NET (with either DataTable or DbDataReader as a parameter) produces the error: "INSERT into an identity column not allowed on table variables. The data for table-valued parameter "@tvp1" doesn't conform to the table type of the parameter." But I didn't DO an insert into an identity column in the proc. And this works just fine in T-SQL:

DECLARE @t dbo.JobsTableWithIdentity;
INSERT @t VALUES('hi', 10, 10);
INSERT @t VALUES('hi2', 10, 10);
EXEC InsertJobsID @t;

So its ADO.NET "deciding" this is an error. The ADO.NET workaround (if I do want to start with a DataTable that contains the identity column, add rows to it, and call Update) is this:

CREATE TYPE dbo.JobsTableWithoutIdentity AS TABLE (
  — job_id smallint identity primary key,
  job_desc varchar(50),
  min_lvl tinyint,
  max_lvl tinyint

— sproc dbo.InsertJobsNoID changed accordingly

// and then, in ADO.NET code
// DataTable "t" contains a real jobs table, to which I've added rows

DataTable added = t.GetChanges(DataRowState.Added);
da.InsertCommand.CommandText = "dbo.InsertJobsNoID";
da.InsertCommand.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
da.InsertCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@tvp1", added);

But, should I have to do this? Or modify the T-SQL code, given I've not used the IDENTITY column? But, I will need this column to UPDATE (or MERGE) using the TVP. A dilemma…

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