New paper on Data Access Tracing

I came across a new article, "Data Access Tracing In SQL Server 2005" at MSDN and I'm listed as one of the authors. That's interesting, as I didn't remember writing it 🙂 but upon closer inspection, they give me credit because they leveraged my original article "Tracing Data Access" from the ADO.NET 2.0 series. Thanks Jennifer and Acey, now I remember you asking if that was OK. I did notice they still used an old bio for me though, just ignore that part.

Anyhow, it's an excellent paper. They added one-third more pages and even included MOF files for tracing JDBC/XA, BCP, SQL Browser, and more. Very cool. Be sure to give it a read and practice your tracing BEFORE you need to use it. 

One thought on “New paper on Data Access Tracing

  1. It seems come from your book "A developer’s guide to SQL Server 2005 " chapter 14 .So you are original author,^_^.

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