After a summer of being a homebody, fall and winter will be *lots* of traveling. I’ll be doing the day of SQL Server 2005 for Developers at SQLPass, as a pre-pre-conference talk (a day before the pre-conference) later this month. And Ascend 2, in at least three continents, so far.

Interestingly Ascend 2 starts almost exactly a year after Ascend 1. Both started about the same time as our fall trip to Oregon Shakespeare festival in Ashland. Last time around Dan was writing labs and wrote an ObjectSpaces lab (there, I’ve said the ‘O’ word) around object queries over a relational-ized version of the XML rendition of the collection of Shakespeare’s plays. Query was pretty fast, considering how many plays he wrote. This year it will be XQuery and recursive CTEs, although these were around last year too.

I’m actually taking a little light reading on the trip, Michael Brundage’s XQuery book (reading it again for detail) and also Joe Celko’s new “Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for Smarties” book. I’m meeting up with Joe at WinDev, and I’ll need to have read the book; hope there won’t be a test. Listening to both sirens of the relational trees vs. XML siren song. I’m not sectarian about this.

OSF is non-sectarian as well, counting Bill Joy and Bill Gates among it’s donors. And us, Mary and me.

Off to the land of planes, trains, and automobiles, perhaps I’ll see you on the road…later.