I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and start this up. I’ve been in hiding for the last year and three quarters or so, working on a SQL Server 2005 (was Yukon) course and a companion book. The book, entitled “A First Look at SQL Server 2005 for Developers” shipped on Monday. I have a single advance copy. Amazon doesn’t think it’s shipped yet though, has the book’s old name (with Yukon in it) and is missing an author (oh well).

Dan Sullivan and Niels Berglund are my co-authors. The book has been a long time in coming. The SQL Server folks were nice enough to let us release it (the material is based on beta 2) even though Beta 2 isn’t out yet. Modulo SQL Express, which was released yesterday on MSDN. So I have a (very) few spare cycles.

I’m going to write about adventures in Ascend program phase 2, and any technical insights and info I pick up along the way. I may not be writing much right away though, I’m on my way to Tokyo for a teaching gig tomorrow morning.