Sample chapter of SQL Server 2005 Programmer’s Guide available

Dan and I have been permitted to post a sample draft-quality chapter and the table of contents our upcoming book, “SQL Server 2005 Developer’s Guide”. They’re available on the SQLskills website as links from the Resources/Books menu entry on the homepage. The sample chapter discusses using the SqlClient data provider in SQL Server procedural code. Feedback appreciated. Book becoming available on shelves (relatively) soon. Enjoy.

Special thanks to our astute technical reviewers.

Now, back to work for me…

7 thoughts on “Sample chapter of SQL Server 2005 Programmer’s Guide available

  1. Hmmm Greg.. it downloads fine for me. I tried it a few times. What version of Acrobat are you using? I think we built it with the absolute latest, 7.0.5. Earlier versions might not be able to read it, I think I’ve seen the error before. Did you try clicking on the link and doing "Save As" also?


  2. Hey Bob,

    When trying to download the sample chapter, it comes up with "bad encrypt data" ????



  3. Very impressive, Bob!
    Two books already!!

    There are likely to be more errors in this comment than in the entire pdf…
    You must have great reviewers. I usually have many critical questions (you might remember me from course in Amsterdam [front row constantly asking questions]).

    Q: "context connection" finalization
    Only thing I found a little confusing was telling what to do with a "context connection" connection object after I am done with it.
    Some places it says something like…
    SqlConnection c = new SqlConnection("context connection=true");
    …other places…
    string ConnStr="context connection=true";
    using (SqlConnection c = new SqlConnection(ConnStr));
    …should I dispose the "context connection" connection object? does it matter? I might have missed its explanation, of course.

    Q: 64-bit/32-bit (slightly off topic)
    Are there any issues around 32-bit/64-bit in the book? I know more people than I am going back and forth between these architectures, so any issues here?

    Q: CREATE ENDPOINT (increasingly off topic)
    Found any GUI for building TSQL for creating ENDPOINTs?

    Q: Why can’t I print (totally unaware off topic)
    (I know I can, but why am I not supposed to?)

    Great stuff. Congratulations!
    Gorm Braarvig

  4. Hi Gorm,

    A:You’re right about the disposal of the connection, the code should be consistent. The reason why the explicit call to dispose is probably missing in places where I don’t use using is that there was a bug in betas when this first appeared (its fixed now) that cause Dispose on the internal Connection or Command to fail.

    A:Most of the 64-bit issues I’ve heard of revolve around which GUI components (e.g. BI Dev Studio) install in 64-bit mode.

    A:I seem to remember there was someone working on GUI for CREATE ENDPOINT once but never saw it posted.

    A:Usual way to post these is to make these unprintable when created.

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