Schemas, Users, and Objects – I

UI can't stay away from the separation and users and schemas feature. I want to make sure I have it cold, and following up on information I got from Girish Chandler's talk at Win-Dev, I did the following experiement. Posted in the form of a multi-part puzzle. Answer to the first part (with code) tomorrow.

1. You have two logins, Fred and Ed. Neither one has any special privileges
2. You create users for them in a database:
   Fred has a default schema of Fredstuff, which he owns
   Ed has no default schema
3. You grant both of them CREATE TABLE
   And Grant Ed ALTER priviledge on the Fredstuff schema (this lets him CREATE and ALTER objects in the schema).
4. Now Ed issues a CREATE TABLE statement to create a table in the Fredstuff schema

Who owns the table?

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