SMO and Powershell: Better Together, The Scripts

Sorry, I know that slogan has been used already. Thanks to everyone who showed up for the SMO/Powershell chalk talk at TechEd Barcelona today. Here, as promised, are the demos. Thanks especially to Jeffrey Snover, the "dad" of Powershell for showing up and showing me some neat shortcuts… as I typed. Many of the scripts were written "on the fly" and really need better argument validation and error checking, but they seem to do the job. Some of these come from the SMO chapter in Dan Sullivan and my "A Developer's Guide to SQL Server 2005 " book. Enjoy! (1.62 MB)

2 thoughts on “SMO and Powershell: Better Together, The Scripts

  1. Thanks Bob for the PowerShell session, i was amazed with the possibilities with PowerShell. I am new to PowerShell, but i can see business benefits by implementing services and communicating to legacy systems by using PowerShell.


  2. This was a great talk. Bob encouraged me to deal with PowerShell, and his samples (including his profile) are a good starting point for exploring the possibilities of PowerShell.

    Greetings from Austria

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