SQL Server Compliance Portal is now live

Today I came across the new SQL Server 2008 Compliance Portal. This portal has information and links to the new Compliance whitepaper and compliance scripts (the "sample files" at the bottom of the main page on the compliance portal). New features for ensuring compliance in SQL Server 2008 include Policy-Based Management, Auditing, and TDE, to name just some of the ones that come to mind.

This information fits in well with some of the talks I'll be doing at SQLConnections in Orlando in March. I'm speaking about "Practical SQL Server 2008 Security for Developers and Architects" and "Programming PBM and Data Collection with PowerShell". I'll also be doing a day-long preconference talk on spatial data/location aware apps, and a talk on programming filestreams (unrelated to compliance). Hope to see you there.

Enjoy the compliance portal!

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