It was a fine time at TechEd. I enjoyed catching up with a lot of old friends and making some new friends. Thanks to all of you who dropped by my chalktalks or attended my error handling breakout session. It was fun hanging around the Data/SQL Server area and talking with all the folks who came by. Thanks also to:

– Data Direct and Jonathan Bruce, who were kind enough to invite me to their ADO.NET panel.
– New England user group, who were kind enough to invite me to sit on their panel.
– All the folks who attended the DLINQ BOF, including Dinesh and Luca. Much appreciated.
– John and Eric of A/W who were nice enough to provide me with some giveaway books, as well as interviews and book signings so that we could sell more books.
– The organizers, who overcame unfinished hotels, bus strikes, and more to make this a good time.

I heard some good things about Service Broker Extensions (TwoConnect and their sister site AdapterWorx), ADO.NET vNext (ADO.NET team) and the Visual Studio Team System for Database Pros (thanks for the disk, Gert). And heard how Oracle 10gR2 supports query notifications (they call them change notifications).

Only negatives were the flight to and fro, where I acquired a nice sinus infection, helped out by the amazing changes in cabin pressure during landing (yuk). Hence the lateness of this post.

See you’all next year, or at the Immersion events soon.