Technet Webcast Series For the ITPro – Part 2

Today was the first of my two presentations as part of the TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro, about SQL Server 2005 security. The session went a bit long, as there are so many new security-related features to cover, wouldn't you agree? I got some really great feedback on the key management portions of the talk, some folks suggested that the key management features alone would make a good follow-up talk. Agreed..but I didn't want to leave out the rest.

If you've received your link to this blog through email and really want the key management scripts (and password changing program), they're here, the link is at the end of this entry. If you haven't visited this blog before there are quite a number of security-related entires here for your enjoyment, and almost all the entries are SQL Server 2005-related.

In case didn't get them from the slides, the blogs on SQL Server 2005 security by security team members Laurentiu Christofor and Raul Garcia are excellent.

I'll be doing one more talk in the series, on Service Broker operational considerations. I think Service Broker is one of the most interesting (and important) features in SQL Server 2005. See you there. (36.63 KB)

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  1. Cool thing Bob, I thought that Kimberly wnated to take that webcasts, nice to hear that you are also involved, do you have the webcast link ?


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