Thanks for a great SQLConnections!

I had a great time at SQLConnections last week, and got to talk to a lot of the attendees and speakers during lunches and breaks. It was interesting talking about some controversial topics (like Entity Framework/TSQL or the Data Tier Application) and I hope folks got enough information to make up their own mind. And I hope the folks who attended saw some spatial visualizations that were beyond the ordinary.

It was especially fun for me to speak about database performance from a developer's point of view at the postconference day. As I said then, I think developers have a better chance to improve performance (by writing database and application code with performance in mind) than anywhere else in the database ecosystem. Hope that statement wasn't controversial by the end of the day.

The demos are now posted on the SQLskills website. Hope you'all had as good a time as I did.

2 thoughts on “Thanks for a great SQLConnections!

  1. Bob,

    I couldn’t make Connections, but I have downloaded your code. I do a presentation on why I use stored procedures and I do some comparison with EF and Linq to SQL. I’m wondering if you provide your slide deck anywhere so I can compare/contrast and hopefully learn something new.

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