One of the reasons I’m posting up content like this is to help all of
you learn a bit of what I have bouncing around my head.  I’m hoping
that I’ll get a few more people writing some awesome data-driven

So, I’d like to get some help from you – I’d like to hear from you.  I
need some stories and/or questions about any data warehouses you’ve
been using.  I love hearing these stories, especially about the sorts
of things that you had to do to get them to work well with SQL Server.

I can’t promise that I’ll blog on every single thing you send me, but I will read them all and post up some interesting information I have to help you out where possible.

So, if you’ve hit problems with memory limits compiling or running queries on a data warehouse, I want to hear about it.  If you’ve got some nasty, nasty query plans, please send me a picture of your schema and the statistics profile for a query and we can talk about what isn’t working well.  Send me a stats problem where the optimizer isn’t cutting it.

So, please mail in to  I’m happy to keep necessary details confidential, if desired.  All of this will help me focus my energies on the topics that will help you the most.  Otherwise you guys get to listen to me ramble on about whatever I want :)