As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m going to be taking on a new job soon.  I’m actually going back to work for Microsoft, so it’s not entirely new ;).  I’ll still be living in Austin, TX, and commuting up to visit Redmond regularly.

Unfortunately, working for MS and blogging on a consultant’s website is a bit confusing and perhaps a conflict of interest (or the appearance of one).  Yes, I expect that you guys are smart enough to figure it all out, but it’s probably not a great long-term situation.  So, I’ll have to move my ramblings back over to MSDN or somewhere like that.  I’ll post up a link in a week or so once I have it all figured out.

I’d like to thank Paul and Kimberly for allowing me to blog here – they have been extremely supportive of me doing this, and I certainly appreciate it.  I hope that my content has added to their site.

What will I be doing at Microsoft?  Well, my role will be as a software architect, which is pretty much what I did previously.  I spend time trying to figure out how to make features that will help customers, make those features work well, work fast, work reliably, etc.  I will still be working on the SQL Engine, Query Processing, and whatever else comes my way that interests me.

Why not move back to Redmond?  Well, I moved away due to the climate, and I don’t have any particular desire to move back.  It’s obviously imperfect to work remotely, but I really *do* like building database engines.  The SQL Team was great in finding a way for me to continue working for Microsoft, and I was more than a bit flattered that they were so open in making this work for me.

I plan to leverage my position out here to talk to customers more than is often possible “inside the bubble”, and I am hopeful that this will make me more effective at my job.

That’s the news for today


Conor Cunningham