Well, I can tell you that I’ve been doing a few things lately.

1. I’m writing a chapter for an upcoming book – lots of interesting details like what you read here on the blog about query processing and query optimization.  It will come out around the end of the year.

2. I’ve been getting a new job – I’ll post some details on this soon.  This has taken some more time :).

3. I’ve been doing some consulting work – helping people with some of the more advanced topics in SQL Server.

4. I’ve been getting ready to improve the sprinkler system at my house – going to try this out: http://www.smarthome.com/312cr.html

5. I’m going to try to fix my HTPC.  I have a Hauppage HDTV card that was working fine with Vista Ultimate + Media Center, and then I installed http://www.mythtv.org/ – MythTV (and me trying to futz with it) won’t believe that I live in my actual timezone.  This tends to make recording things very difficult.  I believe that however it has installed Java has stored my timezone differently than windows.  Now the whole thing just doesn’t work, and I’ll call that “frustrating”.

6. I have been on an automation crusade, trying to automate various tasks around the installation and setup of my computers.  For example, I am collecting up the registry changes to fix up the windows UI to my liking on each new machine.  I am also writing scripts to install  all of my commonly used tools.  I have determined that I am too old to continue to fight through the same silly user interfaces each time I set up a VM or new machine.

I am still interested in any questions you have, but I’ll likely continue to post at a somewhat reduced rate until I get this book chapter done :).  I’ve got deadlines!

Happy Querying,

Conor Cunningham