I’ve been mostly working with a very kind soul from the SQL Server Installer Dev Team trying to fix my box.  So far my luck hasn’t been too good, but I’ll keep at it.

Things that are interesting to post if you have a blog and go through the same exercise that I did:
* which versions of CTP4/5? and CTP6 did you install – x86 or x64 – the registry keys are different.
For me, I think it was the x86 versions in both cases on my Vista Ultimate x64 box.

I learned that the version isn’t really visible in the resource fork you can see for the setup.exe, which in hindsight is something I will do if I ever build another installer ;).

I’ll write up some query stuff soon – send me a mail if there’s a topic that causes you to lose some sleep and I’ll see if there is anything interesting to say on it.

I’m also trying to put together a posting about my experiences with Ms. Pac-Man and my 2-year old daughter.