Analyzing and Improving I/O Subsystem Performance Precon in Denver

On September 18, 2015, I will be presenting Analyzing and Improving I/O Subsystem Performance as an all day pre-conference session the day before SQLSaturday #441 in Denver. This session should be a lot of fun and will be very useful for SQL Server database administrators and other I.T. professionals who work with SQL Server. Here is the abstract:

SQL Server is often I/O bound, but proving it to your storage or SAN administrator can be challenging! You will learn about the different types of storage that are available for SQL Server, and how to decide what type of storage to use for different SQL Server workload and file types. You will also learn useful tips and techniques for configuring your storage for the best performance and reliability for your workload. There will be extensive coverage on how to use disk benchmark tools like CrystalDiskMark 4.0, SQLIO and Microsoft DiskSpd, so you can confidently understand the performance that your I/O subsystem can deliver. We’ll also cover methods to effectively measure and monitor your storage performance from an OS and SQL Server perspective so that you will have valuable information and evidence available the next time you have to discuss I/O performance with your storage administrator. You will also learn a number of valuable OS and SQL Server configuration settings that will help you get the best I/O performance possible from your storage subsystem.

I hope to see you there and at SQLSaturday #441 the next day!

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