Countdown to DEVintersection/SQLintersection in Orlando

As I have recently posted, I will be presenting three regular sessions and a full-day workshop at the DEVintersection/SQLintersection conference in Orlando, FL on April 16-22, 2016. As the conference get’s closer, I am starting to get more excited about it, reminding me of how I used to feel in my younger days as a developer and DBA. Getting away from work for a few days and being able to focus completely on something you are passionate about, surrounded by many like-minded people has always been a good way to recharge my motivation.

Richard Campbell of DotNetRocks and RunAsRadio has been recording some DEVintersection/SQLintersection “countdown” sessions on Channel 9, and the first five are available from the links below:

Watching short videos like this helps build and maintain the enthusiasm while I wait for the conference! The Doug Seven video is particularly good, prompting me to order an Adafruit Microsoft Internet of Things Pack for Raspberry Pi 2 kit just now…


You can register for the conference and additional workshops here. If you register by March 21, 2016, you will get (depending on which package you sign up for), your choice of a Microsoft Band 2, a $200.00 hotel gift card, a Microsoft Surface 3, or a Microsoft XBOX One. You can also get a $50.00 discount on your registration if you the use the discount code “BERRY” when you sign up.



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