Microsoft DreamSpark Program

Back in 2008, Microsoft rolled out the DreamSpark program as a means to get Microsoft software design and development tools in the hands of students at no charge. It was initially only for university or college students, but it has been expanded to also cover high school students. Basically, this means that any high school, college student, or faculty member (in most major countries) can download copies of many Microsoft operating systems, servers, and development tools for free.  If you fall into one of those categories, it is pretty easy to get signed up and verified into the program, so you can get your hands on the software for free.

Some of the most valuable software-related items are Visual Studio 2012 Professional, Windows Server 2012 Standard, and SQL Server 2012 Developer Edition. You can also get a free 90-day subscription to Pluralsight On-Demand, and a number of free eBooks from Microsoft Press.

The Microsoft DreamSpark site has more details about the program.

One thought on “Microsoft DreamSpark Program

  1. Glenn, thx for blogging this. I use it w/ my .edu address. Lots of students are unaware and some faculty members are anti-Microsoft folks. This is a great way to get exposure to good tools for free while in school.

    Hope you are well, thanks for the blogs from you sqlskills folks!


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