Migrating to SQL Server 2012

On October 16, 2012, I had the opportunity to speak at the second meeting of the Northern Colorado Database Professionals (NOCODP) on September 17, in Loveland, CO. I presented a preview version of my PASS Summit 2012 session about how to migrate to SQL Server 2012. The abstract is below:

Migrating to SQL Server 2012
How do you design and implement a safe and successful migration from an older
version of SQL Server to SQL Server 2012, with no data loss and virtually no
downtime? What if you have a limited hardware budget for the upgrade effort, and
you are worried about the new core-based licensing in SQL Server 2012? How can
you choose your hardware wisely in light of the new licensing model?
This session will cover several different methods for migrating your
data to SQL Server 2012 while meeting these objectives and minimizing your
hardware and licensing costs. You will also learn how to help make the case that
an upgrade makes good sense from a business perspective.

NOCODP has been holding their meetings in a nice building that is part of the University of Northern Colorado (UNC), which has plenty of free parking. There was a pretty high turnout of about twenty people for this event, which is quite good for a brand new user’s group.

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