On January 10, 2019, my latest Pluralsight course, SQL Server 2017: Diagnosing Performance Issues with DMVs was published! This makes fifteen courses that I have done for Pluralsight. Here is the official course description:

Learn how to easily query SQL Server 2017 for performance information to help identify and fix issues that can affect performance and stability. This course is applicable to anyone responsible for SQL Server 2017 and earlier versions.

Essentially, I walk you though the activity and performance-related queries from my SQL Server 2017 Diagnostic Queries by discussing and demonstrating each query and talking about how to interpret the results of each query. Knowing how to understand what each diagnostic query reveals is extremely useful as you are trying to determine what is going on with your SQL Server instance or database.

This course is a companion to my earlier SQL Server 2017: Diagnosing Configuration Issues with DMVs course that was published on July 19, 2018.

Despite the title, this course is still applicable for older versions of SQL Server, since many of the queries that I demonstrate and discuss will work on older versions of SQL Server. Ideally, you should be using the correct version of my SQL Server Diagnostic Queries that matches your version of SQL Server so that all of the queries will work, but the concepts are still relevant for older versions of SQL Server.


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