SQL Server Countdown

Microsoft is putting out some silly, but funny videos to promote their Data Driven Event on March 10, 2016 at 10AM EST. The very short videos have a collection of well-known Microsoft employees, and other SQL Server notables, such as our own Kimberly Tripp, being “blown away” as Microsoft SQL Server 2016 goes supersonic.

You can sign up to get additional information about the event here.

Here are the individual videos that have been released so far:

Jos de Bruijn, Senior Program Manager

Rama Raman, Senior Software Engineer

Kimberly Tripp, SQL Server MVP

Matthew Roche, Senior Program Editor 

Lindsey Allen, Principal PM Manager

Argenis Fernandez, SQL Server MVP, MCM

Tobias Ternstrom, Principal PM Manager

Scott Guthrie, Executive VP, Cloud and Enterprise

Shawn Bice, Director, Database Systems

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