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Today the fourth article in my baselines series was published on SQLServerCentral.com.  Listed below are the links to all of the articles, and I’ve decided to continue the series on my blog here.  I truly believe that every SQL Server environment can benefit from having baselines.  I say that all the time, I know, and people seem to agree with me 🙂  But yet there are many systems out there that don’t have baseline data.  The biggest roadblock that I see is deciding what to capture, and then writing the scripts to capture what you want.  The goal of the series I wrote for SQLServerCentral.com was to provide background about why baselines are important, and provide a set of scripts to get started.  The value of baselines may seem obvious to you, but for new DBAs the benefits may not be as apparent, so taking a few minutes to step through them is useful.  The scripts I provide are straight-forward and there’s a reason for that: It’s not rocket science.  Capturing baseline data is really easy to do, and my goal is to provide scripts so DBAs can quickly and easily start capturing data, and hopefully once people realize how simple it was, they will develop their own scripts.

But just because I’ve provided a few scripts doesn’t mean I’m done.  I am going to continue to develop and post scripts here that DBAs can use to set up baselines in their own environment. I recognize that there are some excellent applications available from third party vendors that will capture baseline data, and if your company has the budget to purchase such an application, I would highly recommend doing so. My scripts are not a replacement for any of those applications. But for those of you who don’t have the budget, or perhaps need some data in order to make a case for why you need one of those applications, these scripts will get you started.

If you have any feedback about the scripts, or requests for what I write next, feel free to email me! The scripts are a work in progress and I plan to continually work to make them better.

5 Reasons You Must Start Capturing Baseline Data

Back to Basics: Capturing Baselines on Production SQL Servers

Capturing Baselines on SQL Server: Where’s My Space?

Capturing Baselines on SQL Server: Wait Statistics

7 thoughts on “SQL Server Baselines Series on SQLServerCentral.com

  1. Great article, Erin.I have watch your course on Pluralsight as well, and baseline is something I will try to implement for all our internal SQL servers, in addition to customer servers we are administrating.

    Thanks again 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Feel free to report back on how the implementation goes – I’m always interested to hear what works well (and what doesn’t) for people. Take care,


  2. I am browsing through internet for setting up standard baselines for my SQL Server environment. Found from your article the information i am looking for all this time. Is it possible to share baseline scripts to test in my environment.

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