Quick blog post to celebrate a bit of a milestone and round out the month of May – no blogging tomorrow.

Earlier today I was making a backup of all the content on my blog because I want to make sure I have a secure copy of it if multiple failures happen with site hoster etc. Look, come-on, this is me, I'm about the most paranoid person on the planet in terms of backups, corruption, HA, etc.

Anyway, as I was doing it, I thought it would be neat to count up the number of posts since I started this blog September 1st 2007 after leaving Microsoft the day before to join Kimberly. This is blog post #350 on this blog!

And as I was backing everything up in Word docs, one per month, I counted up the number of pages of 10-point font content on the blog. With the last few blogs posts, there's over 630 Word pages of content. Several book's worth. Which made me realize that I really really like writing and sharing information.

So – thanks for reading, commenting, cajoling, and asking questions. Keep it up and I'll keep it up too.

Vive la communite!

smiley smile Blog post 350 on this blog   vive la communite!