Last call for London classes until 2015 or 2016

Over the last few months we’ve started thinking about our 2014 and 2015 international class locations. We’ve been in London for the last three years (including this year) but we’re asked for lots of different non-US locations.

We’re seeing more people traveling from Europe to our US classes and we want to hit some of the other international locations we’ve been asked to do. There are only so many places we can travel to given our crazy schedule, and we don’t want to compromise on quality, but still want to hit at least one international location.

It’s highly likely we’ll head down to Australia in 2014 (and maybe New Zealand) and deliver at least IE1-IE2-IE3 there. Locations and dates are still TBD and we’re really excited to be heading back to Australia.

Given all of this, we’ve decided that we will not be teaching Immersion Events in the UK in 2014 (and maybe not 2015 either). We’ve enjoyed our time there but we need to branch out to other locations!

We hope to see you in London this year, and down under next year!

5 thoughts on “Last call for London classes until 2015 or 2016

  1. Thank You very much Paul.I know there will be lot of people out here in Australia, waiting to hear this terrific news. One request though, please try to include Melbourne in your location list(;)

  2. Sad news for me, because I was aiming for IE2 or IE3 in London next year – should have been this year, but this just turned out to be impossible. Then again, I suppose if I was serious enough, I could still do a US class…

  3. Sad news for me, I was thinking about taking the clases next year…
    But traveling Time is a important Factor for me…
    Perhaps have a look to other locations in Europe too. Munich is still a nice location ;-)

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